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  • Charissa Kwok

    I bought a Star 5 Alkaline Water Ionizer when I moved into my new home and have never looked back since. As an avid tea lover, I love how alkaline water enhances the flavour of my tea, and how I can use alkaline water to tenderize meat when cooking and washing my fruits/vegetables to keep them pesticide free. I also love the beauty water function and use it daily to tone my skin before and after makeup. Lastly, I recently adopted a pet dog and am impressed by how drinking alkaline water has soothed her previously sensitive skin. She now has silky soft fur!

    Charissa Kwok

    Senior Account Manager

  • Gizem Ozbicer

    I love how easy it is to use and the smart design features that went into the pitcher. The LED indicator on the lid automatically lets you know if the filter is still good or needs replacement and you can easily fill up the pitcher without having to open the lid. Hassle-free alkaline water for me and the entire office.

    Gizem Ozbicer

    Account Manager

  • Lim Chen Hui

    The StarWellness Star 7 Alkaline Water Ionizer is a reliable way for our family to get fresh, portable water with restorative and beneficial properties. It is a worthwhile investment for health conscious families out there.

    Lim Chen Hui


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