5 Beauty Related Reasons to Use An Alkaline Water Ionizer

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The beauty industry is always marketing new products to help us look younger and be more confident in our own skin. Beauty tips and hacks abound on the Internet. From applying used teabags on our eyes to DIY beauty products, the tips vary from genuine to dubious. It can be difficult to sort genuine advice from trends and fads that don’t produce results.

Unlike many health and beauty products out there, alkaline water ionizers are safe and have multiple benefits. While their health benefits have been written about extensively, few know that the Alkaline Water Ionizer is also a great beauty product!

Here are some ways in which Alkaline Ionized Water can play an essential part of your daily beauty regime:

1. Increased and more efficient hydration

When water goes through the electrolysis process in an Alkaline Water ionizer, the water clusters become less than half of that in regular water. This means the body can efficiently absorb the water, enhancing hydration quite quickly. And because these are micro-clustered water molecules, they easily go into our cells. Alkaline Ionized Water helps to ensure that your skin looks hydrated. Since Alkaline Ionized Water is more easily absorbed, it provides better hydration and helps your skin stay fresh.

2. Proper pore cleansing regime

Our skin has an acid mantle layer. This layer is key to keeping pollution and bacteria out while locking in moisture. A study in the British Journal of Dermatology showed that women with an alkaline mantle layer developed more fine lines than those with acidic skin. How then do we maintain this acidic protective barrier?

Our soaps are alkaline. The main reason is that the alkaline nature eliminates grease and oil. Soap and other cleansers open up pores to allow the removal the dirt from them. This is especially useful if you suffer from acne or pimples (due to clogged pores). The challenge with soap, however is that it leaves an alkaline residue that makes the skin susceptible to damage. Once you have used alkaline or tap water to open up your pores and clean them, the next crucial step is to use the mildly acidic pH6 water from the water ionizer to lock in moisture.

Acidic water is a by-product of water ionization. Applying acidic water would close the skin pores and remove any alkaline residue. The acid water would restore the pH of the skin to as close to the ideal skin pH level of 5.5.

Proper pore cleansing beauty regime can be achieved with alkaline water.

3. Alkaline water prevents signs of aging.

Alkaline Ionized Water has been proven to prevent signs of aging and damage to the body. The antioxidant properties of alkaline water work to prevent or lessen the effects of harmful free radicals that can result in poorer skin.

4. Stronger and healthier hair

The beauty benefits of Alkaline Ionized Water go beyond the skin. One of the challenges that we have is increased hair fall. Our hair gets exposed to the elements each day, making it lose its natural lustre. Alkaline Ionized Water makes your hair stronger and healthier. It also nourishes and protects your hair and scalp. Drinking Alkaline Ionized Water makes your hair softer and less prone to breakage.

5. Boost your immune system

A weak immune system makes us susceptible to falling ill. These health woes plus taking certain types of medication would in turn lead to dry skin, acne, rashes and even inflammation. Drinking alkaline water helps our body maintain a balanced pH and washing skin and hair with ph 6 water (which matches our skin’s pH levels) work to protect your immune system and help manage skin issues, resulting in healthier skin.

Water produced by an Alkaline Water Ionizer has been proven to have many aesthetic and health benefits. You can also have the option of using Acidic water in your beauty regime to help in closing skin pores and hair cuticles. It is no wonder that beauties like Miranda Kerr and Jennifer Aniston have included Alkaline Ionized Water into their daily routine.






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