StarWellness will deliver quality health and wellness solutions that enhance basic needs and can be easily incorporated into each person’s daily routine. We empower people to become better versions of themselves through our passion for life.


We are dedicated to a future where families live increasingly healthier and more meaningful lifestyles with better solutions for basic needs.
Through our passion for life, we empower you to become a better you – to lead a more fulfilling and healthier life with your loved ones.
Healthy Moments, Endless Wellness.

StarWellness believes in enhancing your wellbeing and improving your everyday moments in small, simple steps. Our journey started in 2013 when we embarked on our goal of bettering the health of people and their loved ones.


Our founder, Mr Patrick Lim, recognized the need to provide people with healthy living options. As water is one of our basic needs, he decided to share the benefits of Alkaline Ionized Water with everyone.
Thus, StarWater was born and became one of the pioneer manufacturers of Alkaline Water Ionizers in Singapore.


We constantly seek for innovative ways to develop functional, lifestyle product designs that can be integrated into your home. In 2014, StarWater Star 5 Alkaline Water Ionizer was awarded the Singapore Good Design Mark Award by Design Business Chamber Singapore.

In addition, we pride ourselves on product quality assurance, integrity and control by using state-of-the-art technology and expertise.


To facilitate the extension of our product range and services, StarWater officially became StarWellness in 2015.
The StarWellness Star Lite Alkaline Water Ionizer was also launched to cater to consumers’ needs for a reliable and economical option.


It was a year of changes as StarWellness commenced its rebranding activities. As the business expanded, we realized that it was essential for a transformation of the company image and brand values to accurately reflect the change in business direction.
Hence, our new logo with the penguin and words, ‘Healthy Moments’ was born. Channelling the spirit of penguins, we are caring, approachable and always put you first. We share your concerns and help you get more out of the things that you already do.


We have currently expanded our offerings to include a range of quality products and services that allow people to enhance their wellness every day. These product offerings consist of 3 categories, namely, Water, Air and Life.


Alkaline Water Ionizer Systems, Water Filtration Systems, 5-Stage Filtration System, Hot/Cold Water Dispenser, Crystal Glass Water Pitchers & Shower Filters


Star Air Ionizer and StarWellness Air Purifier/AirPure



The newest addition to the StarWellness range of products, EnzyMe (nutritional drink) was launched in 2017 to let people savour the natural goodness and beneficial properties of enzymes.