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“Enchanted by the beauty of life, we fell into deep sleep with the therapeutic Lavender scent.”

Do you know that today is World Sleep Day – 15 March 2019?

We wish you QUALITY SLEEP & Beautiful Dreams every single night.

To Sleep with a peaceful mind & Wake up all day to take the day!

Here’s some background:
It is organized by World Sleep Society which aims to lessen the burden of sleep problems on society through better prevention and management of sleep disorders

  • Enjoy the therapeutic experience with this absolute eye-pleaser.
  • Wide array of beautiful colors selection to brighten your moments.
  • Best used with organic Lavender essential oil for a goodnight sleep.
  • (Currently we ran out of stocks for our essential oil & are in midst of coming out with new collection, stay tuned!)

P.S. Mega Savings for the lucky few because WE LOVE SLEEP. 👻

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Through ultrasonic diffusion, it breaks up a mixture of essential oil and water into millions of micro-particles and effectively disperse essential oil molecules into the air without destroying the essential oil molecule structure, thus making it an excellent way to maximize the beneficial properties of essential oil.

Features & Specifications




(D) 90mm x (H) 130mm

Input Voltage

100 – 240V AC

Rated Voltage

24V DC

Power Consumption

Maximum 12W

Water Sink Capacity


Mist Output

Approx 30ml per hour

Net Weight

Around 256 grams

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