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StarWellness Anions Shower Filter is specially designed to remove more than 95% of the chlorine in tap water. Utilizing an anion swirling type deflector, it releases anion energy that keeps you revitalized, healthy and moisturized. It also contains calcium sulfite that helps in eliminating bacteria and fungus from the shower head.


StarWellness Anions Shower Filter protects your health & pampers your skin & hair
with pure clean water. Not only does it eliminates harmful chlorine from tap water as
well as bacteria & fungus from a shower head, it also releases anion energy, keeping you
healthy & moisturized. It helps produce water the way nature intended & transforming
your shower into a healthy & fabulous spa experience.


  • Reduce chlorine and harmful chemicals present in water
  • Improves respiratory health by reducing the risk of asthma and bronchitis
  • Promotes overall health
  • Prevent skin irritation or rashes caused by the drying effects of chlorine
  • Helps in retaining moisture & softness of hair
  • Reduce the dependency on costly skin lotions or moisturizers
  • Protects the skin or hair of pets from chlorine
  • The filtered shower water can be used in your home fish aquariums

Features of the StarWellness Anions Shower Filter:

  • Eco-Friendly, 100% environmentally safe and natural
  • Well designed and can be conveniently installed with any shower fixture
  • Replaceable cartridge filter with life span of up to 20,000 litres of water usage
  • Contains Calcium Sulfite, Ceramic Balls and Anions Swirling Type Deflector
  • Affordable and low in maintenance cost

Features & Specifications






132 x 105mm





Filter Materials

Calcium Sulphite, Energy Stone