Star Air 2

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Your ideal companion for ensuring clean, fresh air in your home & work space. Utilizing a water surface trapping system & a nano-membrane filter, it effectively gers rid of dust, bacteria, dust mites, allergens & odours present in the air.

With its adjustable fan speeds, the air purifier can be wirelessly controlled, hence facilitating optimal air flow at your own preference & convenience. For an enhanced aromatic experience, essential oils can also be added.


Benefits of Star Air:

  • Cleans & purifies the air to get rid of airborne bacteria, germs and pollution
  • Eliminates odour, dust, pollen and pet dander
  • No costly filter replacement required
  • Energy efficient
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance

Features of Star Air:

  • Electrostatic Plate
  • Portable
  • Silent
  • Complies with federal ozone emissions limit

Features & Specifications

Dimensions (HxDxW)

350mm x 200mm  x 294mm

Voltage (volts)

DC 12V



Filter Life

6 – 12 months, depending on air quality




170 mA



Star Air 2 Brochure PDF