Star Lite
Alkaline Water Ionizer


The Star Lite water ionizer has a multi-stage filter where tap water passes through and an electrolysis chamber of 5 pieces of electrodes made of platinum-coated titanium electrodes for splitting water into alkaline antioxidant water and acidic water. The chamber comes with a 3-year warranty.

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Dependable yet economical, Star Lite Alkaline Water Ionizer enhances the well-being of your family, friends and significant others. Rich in minerals and antioxidant properties, Alkaline Ionized Water aids in energizing and revitalizing the body.

Star Lite Alkaline Water Ionizer consists of a multi-stage filter and 5 platinum-coated titanium electrodes that are durable and efficient. The chamber also comes with a 3-year warranty*.

* 3 years warranty on the platinum-coated titanium electrodes plates only

Benefits of Drinking Alkaline Ionized Water

  • Restore body pH Level balance
  • Detoxification
  • Slows down signs of ageing
  • Fortify immune system and enhance body’s self-healing capabilities
  • Contains Anti-oxidants properties which block damage to body
  • Cleanse the colon
  • Mineral rich
  • Improved hydration
  • Energize the body
  • Smoothens and rejuvenates the skin

Benefits of Using Alkaline Ionized Water

  • Removes pesticide residue from vegetables and fruits
  • Eliminate gaminess of meat
  • Intensify aromas of tea and coffee
  • Enhances flavours of food

Benefits of Using Acidic Ionized Water

  • For cleaning purposes
  • Prevention of foot odours
  • Sterilization and cleaning of wound
  • Promoting oral health

Benefits of Using Beauty Water

  • Cleanse our skin efficiently
  • Removal of makeup

Features & Specifications


White, Grey

Input Voltage

AC220 – 230V/50 Hz

Net Weight


Dimensions (HxDxW)

245 x 240 x 150 (mm)

Applicable Water Inflow Pressure Range

0.7 ~ 5 Bar (kgf/ cm2)

Ionized Water Output Rate

Maximum 3 Litres/Minute

Electrode Materials

Platinum-coated Titanium Electrodes

Filter Life

3,600 Litres or 1 year, depending on whichever comes first

Filter Life Indicator

Icon Indicator



Alkaline Water Ionizer Brochure PDF


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