StarWellness Service Care Package


We are committed to product excellence and quality assurance. As such, we have designed this service care package to offer you peace of mind, along with huge savings.

It is essential for your Alkaline Water Ionizer to undergo inspection and servicing after every 3 years of usage. You can rely on us to provide professional, quality maintenance that will ensure optimal performance of your Alkaline Water Ionizer in the long run. We care and would like you to enjoy quality water at all times.



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  Our Service Care Package includes: Remarks Usual Price
1 A comprehensive check of system settings and operations   $45
2 Servicing of electrolysis chamber and platinum-coated titanium electrodes
3 Checking and/or re-calibration of pH and ORP range
4 Cleaning and maintenance of the interior and exterior of the Alkaline Water Ionizer
5 Checking and repairing of internal electrical and circuit board connections
6 Replacement of stainless steel flexible hose and nozzle   $80
7 Replacement of any blocked inlet and outlet tubing Charges apply for more than 3m. $5/m thereafter. $15 for 3m
8 Replacement of filter connector Upgrade/replace if necessary Free of charge
9 Replacement of water supply valve   $65
10 Replacement of water inflow sensor   $55
11 Extended 3 months warranty on parts serviced and listed in this service care package from date of servicing   N.A
12 Collection and Delivery of Ionizer by StarWellness technical support team Optional Top up $70 for this service (Includes provision of T loan unit)


  • Applicable for StarWellness Alkaline Water Ionizers that are still in working condition.
  • 5 working days are required for the servicing to be completed at the StarWellness service centre.
  • You do not have to pay additional $70, if you opt to bring in your Alkaline Water Ionizer for servicing at our service centre.


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