Travel Pack (60ml x 12 bottles)

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EnzyMe contains a wide variety of 152 natural, premium quality plants, fresh fruit, vegetables, seeds and roots. It utilizes the latest Biotechnology fermentation techniques from Japan as well as undergoes extraction and fermentation for 180 days, under natural conditions and temperatures.

No additives or preservatives are added, hence retaining the natural nutrients inherent in the various plants.

EnzyMe comes in 2 types of packaging, namely the 750 ml bottle and the 60 ml x 12 bottles (Travel Pack).


Regulation of our body

Enzymes work effectively to adjust blood pH to a slightly basic level of pH level: 7- 8, remove toxic substances in the body, maintain the balance of intestinal bacteria, strengthen the cells, promote digestion, enhance the immune system and maintain the general health balance of the body.


Inflammation occurs when cells are injured and bacteria grow. Enzymes transport the white blood cells in our body and maintain their functions to treat inflammation and heal the injured cells.

Resistance to Bacteria

Enzymes help our white blood cells to fight against bacteria. They also promote the regeneration of cells, hence making them effective in treating diseases.


Enzymes eliminate waste that accumulate in blood vessels or areas of disease, and help restore normal activities in our body, including absorption and digestion of food.

Blood Purification

Enzymes break down cholesterol that increases the blood acidity, hence adjusting the blood pH to be of a slightly basic level of pH level: 7- 8. This results in improved blood circulation.

Cell Regeneration

Enzymes promote cellular metabolism, improve physical strength and stimulate the regeneration of damaged cells. The natural healing ability of our bodies is competent in treating diseases. Medical drugs such as antibiotics are effective in killing bacteria, but they are not able to regenerate new cells.
The 6 benefits of enzymes as mentioned above occur simultaneously, not independently, unlike the effects of ordinary drugs and medication. It may take some time to experience the full effects of enzymes consumption. However, it can boost general health and aid in addressing the root causes of various health problems.

Features of EnzyMe


Seasonal Alpine Plants, fresh Ganoderma Lucidum, Antrodia Camphorate, rare Mushrooms extracts, fresh Fruit, Vegetables, Plant roots, Aloe Vera, Seaweed, Lotus Roots, Roselles, Seeds (Whole Beans and Grains) and 152 assortments of precious natural Chinese medicinal plants.

EnzyME is suitable for consumption by:

  • People accustomed to consuming cooked food (Enzymes are destroyed during cooking)
  • People with poor digestive function
  • People have irregular and unhealthy eating habits and over-eating problems
  • Anybody young and the elderly
  • Vegetarians or individuals with diets that consist of more meat
  • Obese or underweight individuals
  • People who are prone to allergies

Features & Specifications


750ml and 60ml x 12 bottles


Store in a cool & dry place without direct sunlight


3 years after unsealing



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