An exciting path ahead for StarWellness

From Starwater to StarWellness

The Starwater brand began in 2013 with the objective of sharing the benefits of drinking alkaline water through our water ionizers. We had a good journey of 2 years bringing a positive impact on the wellbeing of our customers. It took a simple but effective change in their drinking water habits to bring about this change. As various environmental and health challenges surfaced globally, we started thinking how we can improve the wellbeing of our customers beyond their drinking water. And our new vision was born – to promote holistic wellness.

The future – Our new brand StarWellness

StarWater will now be identified with its new brand StarWellness. This change in early 2015 reflected our new vision of developing more product lines to promote overall wellness, for more consumers to live even better. The purpose of this new brand identity is to align with our new vision of developing products that promote overall wellness. We are currently in the midst of expanding our product lines, and we hope to bring more exciting products in our growth journey and we are thankful to the support of our partners and more importantly of our customers.