Our founder Mr Patrick Lim receives the prestigious Top Entrepreneur 2009 Award

Patrick Lim Awarded

The President of Star Controls Engineering Co. Pte., Mr Patrick Lim, was awarded one of “Top Entrepreneurs 2009”. Mr Lim is also founder of Starwellness Pte Ltd, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Star Controls Holdings.

With its 21-year legacy, The Entrepreneur of the Year ~ A Rotary-ASME Award, is the oldest Award in Singapore that honours local entrepreneurs who have established and sustained a successful and profitable business.

Since its inception in 1989, the Award has paid tribute to over 100 local entrepreneurs who have demonstrated excellence and drive in their field of business, while making social contribution a significant part of their business philosophy. The Award has since grown to become a prestigious mark of success that entrepreneurs aspire to attain, and a platform where deserving entrepreneurs are showcased nationally.

Candidates were judged by the Award Judging Committee to have done exceptionally well in the following areas before being awarded one of the “Top Entrepreneurs”.

1. Ability to Create A Successful Enterprise
i. Vision & Mission
ii. Leadership
iii. Teamwork & Training
iv. Communication
v. Business Structure

2. Ability to Sustain A Profitable Business That is Socially Responsible
i. Products & Services
ii. Innovation & Knowledge Management
iii. Growth & Development
iv. Profitability & Cash Flow
v. Social Responsibility & Ethics

Congratulations to Patrick Lim and all staff of Star Controls!