Thank you for your purchase with StarWellness.

Kindly refer to below for your warranty period and coverage.


Star 5 / Star 7

Machine              2 years

Chamber             5 years

First year on site*

Second year carry-in**


Machine              1 year

Chamber             3 years

First year on site*

*Machine will be collected from your premises by our StarWellness staff for inspection

**Machine has to be carried in to StarWellness for inspection

Star Air 

1 year

Star Air2

6 months

All Other Products

(All Water Pitchers, All Filters, Essential Oil, Diffusers, Accessories etc)

7 calendar days’ carry-in warranty (1-to-1 exchange) against manufacturer’s defects from date of purchase.


All warranties are against manufacturer’s defects only.

Warranty does not cover wear & tear ad self-inflicted damages.